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SALUKI CSA2013 信号分析仪 (100 kHz to 13.5 GHz)

Frequency Range: 100 kHz to 13.5 GHz

Aging Rate: ±3×10-7/year

Scan Time

     1μs to 6000s (span = 0Hz)

     1ms to 4000s (span ≥ 10Hz)

Scan Accuracy: ±1% nominal (zero span)

Trigger Mode: Free run, video, external, RF burst, periodic timer

Scan (Trace) Point Range: 1 to 40001 (all spans)

Resolution Bandwidth: 1Hz to 3MHz (10% steps), 4, 5, 6, 8 MHz

Video Bandwidth: 1Hz to 3MHz (10% steps), 4, 5, 6, 8 MHz, and wide open (labeled 50MHz)

Amplitude Test Range: DANL to +27dBm (preamp off)

Max. Safe Input Level

Average total power:

     +27dBm (0.5W), (≥ 10dB input attenuation , preamp off)

     +27dBm (0.5W), (≥ 20dB input attenuation , preamp on)

Peak pulse power:

     +47dBm (50W), (< 10μs pulse width, < 1% duty cycle, ≥ 30dB input attenuation)

SSB Phase Noise (CF=1GHz, Typ.)

     -80 dBc/Hz @ 100Hz offset

     -102 dBc/Hz @ 1kHz offset

     -108 dBc/Hz @ 10kHz offset

     -110 dBc/Hz @ 100kHz offset

     -132 dBc/Hz @ 1MHz offset

Second Harmonic Distortion (SHI):

      10MHz – 3.75GHz:  +50dBm

      3.75GHz – 13.25GHz: +62dBm


      RF input: 2.92mm (female), 50Ω nominal

      10MHz in: SMA (female), 50Ω nominal 

      10MHz out: SMA (female), 50Ω nominal

      Trigger in: SMA (female), 10kΩ nominal

      Trigger out: SMA (female), 50Ω nominal

      Analog out: SMA (female), 50Ω nominal

Dimension: 150 (W) × 64 (H) × 175 (D) mm

Weight: 2.2kg



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