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PHYWE P1199705 演示轨道和计时器4-4非弹性碰撞中的动量守恒

>> Principle

If two objects in a closed system collide in an inelastic manner, the momentum p is conserved. Both objects continue to move together with a momentum that corresponds to the sum of the individual momenta before the collision. The kinetic energy of the system, however, decreases, since kinetic energy is transformed into deformation energy during the inelastic collision.

>> Benefits

Accurate results due to measurements with low friciton: cart with sapphire bearings

Over the entire track length adjustable feet for a very simple alignment of the track even on small tables

Extrem robust accessories, for example no overloading of cars due to elastic bearing of base plate, prevent unnecessary breakdowns

Timer 4-4 can be used for almost every experimental requirement : distance-time law for four tracks, measurement of speed at four positions, principles of collisions, measurement of the orbiting time of a rotary movement, the direct measurement of the duration of a complete swing of a mechanical pendulum and for short or long-term measurements with two 8-digit displays by connecting each of 2 timers

>> Scope of Delivery

[Device x Quantity]

Demonstration track, aluminium, 1.5 m x 1

Cart, low friction sapphire bearings x 2

Shutter plate for low friction cart, width: 100 mm x 2

Needle with plug x 2

Tube with plug x 2

Plasticine, 10 sticks x 1

Weight for low friction cart, 400 g x 2

Slotted weight, silver bronze, 10 g x 4

Slotted weight, silver bronze, 50 g x 3

End holder for demonstration track x 1

Starter system for demonstration track x 1

Magnet w.plug f.starter system x 1

Light barrier, compact x 2

Holder for light barrier x 2

PHYWE Timer 4-4 x 1

Connecting cord, 32 A, 500 mm, red | Length: 1000 mm x 2

Connecting cord, 32 A, 2000 mm, yellow | Length: 1000 mm x 2

Connecting cord, 32 A, 500 mm, blue | Length: 1000 mm x 2

Portable Balance, OHAUS CR2200 x 1



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