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PHYWE P1199405 惯性质量和重力质量与演示轨道和计时器4-4的等效性

>> Principle

The mass of an object can be determined in different ways: by weighing the gravitational mass or by measuring the acceleration in the case of a known and constant accelerating force, which yields the inertial mass. This is based on the assumption that the gravitational mass and inertial mass are equivalent. In this experiment, a cart with different gravitational masses is accelerated on thedemonstration track. Its inertial mass is determined and the relationship between gravitational and inertial mass is derived.

>> Benefits

Accurate results due to measurements with low friciton: cart with sapphire bearings

Over the entire track length adjustable feet for a very simple alignment of the track even on small tables

Extrem robust accessories, for example no overloading of cars due to elastic bearing of base plate, prevent unnecessary breakdowns

Timer 4-4 can be used for almost every experimental requirement : distance-time law for four tracks, measurement of speed at four positions, principles of collisions, measurement of the orbiting time of a rotary movement, the direct measurement of the duration of a complete swing of a mechanical pendulum and for short or long-term measurements with two 8-digit displays by connecting each of 2 timers

>> Scope of Delivery

[Device x Quantity]

Demonstration track, aluminium, 1.5 m x 1

Cart, low friction sapphire bearings x 2

Shutter plate for low friction cart, width: 100 mm x 2

Needle with plug x 1

Tube with plug x 1

Plasticine, 10 sticks x 1

End holder for demonstration track x 1

Starter system for demonstration track x 1

Magnet w.plug f.starter system x 1

Pulley for demonstration track x 1

Holder for pulley x 1

Weight for low friction cart, 400 g x 1

Slotted weight, silver bronze, 50 g x 3

Slotted weight, silver bronze, 10 g x 4

Weight holder, silver bronze, 1 g x 1

Slotted weight, blank, 1 g x 20

Silk thread, l = 200 m x 1

Light barrier, compact x 4

Holder for light barrier x 4

PHYWE Timer 4-4 x 1

Connecting cord, 32 A, 500 mm, red | Length: 1000 mm x 4

Connecting cord, 32 A, 2000 mm, yellow | Length: 1000 mm x 5

Connecting cord, 32 A, 500 mm, blue | Length: 1000 mm x 5

Portable Balance, OHAUS CR2200 x 1



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