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KASAHARA UV-700W UV/LED organic pollution monitor (0 ~ 2.0)

Indication: LCD 4 digits 2 levels

   Top: COD equivalent (mg/L) 

   Bottom: UV absorbance (Abs/cm)

Measurement Criteria:  

   Absorbance: 0.000~2.000Abs/cm (Optical path length: 10mm)

   UV, UV-IR, IR 3-mode switching display

   COD concentration conversion value: FS: 0~200mg/L (COD Mn method)

Transmission power: 

   DC4~20mA (Isolated type)

   Load resistance 550Ω or less

   Range 1: 0 ~ 0.5 Abs (approx. conversion value 0 ~ 200 mg/L (Mn method) 

   Range 2: 0 ~ 1.0 Abs (approx. conversion value) 0 ~ 200 mg/L (Mn method)

   Range 3: 0 ~ 2.0 Abs (approximate conversion value) 0~200mg/L(Mn method)


   UV: 0.001 Abs/cm

   Concentration equivalent: 1 mg/L (as COD)

Ambient conditions: -5°C~40°C (avoid direct sunlight)

Power supply voltage: AC85~240V 50/60Hz

Dimensions & Weight:

   Instrument body: 215×170×95 Approx. 1.75kg (with mounting plate)

   With hood: 244×196×105 Approx. 2.5kg (with mounting plate)

Wiring port: 5 cable glands (external φ6~φ10 cables apply) 

Cable glands can be removed and conduit can be connected (G1/2)



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