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KASAHARA UV-2700 UV/COD monitor (0~50, 0~100, 0~200mg/L)

Measuring principle: Two-wavelength spectrophotometric measurement method (UV: 254 nm / VIS: 546 nm)

Measurement method: Distribution cell method by pumping sample water (cell length: 10 mm)

Indication: LCD 4-digit

   Upper row: COD display 

   Lower row: UV absorbance, VIS absorbance, UV-VIS absorbance, and turbidity display

Measuring range:

   COD :0~50 0~100 0~200mg/L

   UV absorbance :0~0.500 0~1.000 0~2.000 Abs

   VIS absorbance :0~0.500 0~1.000 0~2.000 Abs

   UV-VIS absorbance: 0~0.500 0~1.000 0~2.000 Abs

   Turbidity: 0~250 0~500 0~1000mg/L (formazine turbidity standard) 

   3 ranges manual switching (standard)


   COD : 0.1mg/L

   UV absorbance : 0.001Abs

   VIS absorbance : 0.00Abs

   UV-VIS absorbance: 0.001Abs

   Turbidity : 1 degree


   Zero calibration: Pure water or tap water

   Absorbance span calibration: 

     (1) Standard calibration filter 0.8Abs      (2) Potassium hydrogen phthalate solution (separate preparation required)

   Turbidity span calibration: Calibration with turbidity standard solution (formazine turbidity standard) (separate preparation required)

COD conversion function: The regression line (a+bx) constant a and coefficient b can be set. x is UV-VIS absorbance

Sample water conditions:

   Temperature: 0~40°C (not freezing) 

   Flow rate: 2~5L/min

   Pressure: 0.05~0.5MPa(0.5~5kgf/cm2)

Ambient conditions:

   Temperature: -5~40°C 

   Humidity: 90%RH or less

Power supply voltage: AC 85V~240V 50/60Hz 100VA or less

Power Consumption: 100VA or less

Weight: 20kg or less


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