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HORIBA SZ-100-S2 纳米和Zeta物质分析仪

Principles of measurement

Particle Size Measurement: Kinetic Light Scattering

Molecular weight measurement: Debye graph method (static scattered light intensity)

Measuring range

Particle Size: 0.3 nm to 10 μm

Molecular Weight: 1000 to 2 x 107 Da (Debye Graph)

                             540 to 2 x 107 Da (MHS Equation)*1: Maximum sample concentration 40 wt%*2

Particle size measurement accuracy

Measurement accuracy is 2% for NIST polystyrene rubber spheres (excluding variation in standard beads)

Measure angle: 90° and 173° (automatic or manual selection)

Measuring cell: Cuvettes

Measurement time

Approx. 2 minutes under normal conditions

(From the start of the measurement to the display of the particle measurement result)

Required sample volume: Minimum sample volume 12 μL*3 to 1000 μL (varies depending on cell material)

Usable liquid: Water, ethanol, organic solvents


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