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Hopetech CHT3561 电池内阻测试仪 (100V~60V,0.1%,ESR,DCV,θ)

-Measurement parameters: ESR,DCV,θ
-Basic accuracy: 
+Resistance: 0.5%
+Voltage: 0.1%
-Measurement range: 
+Resistance: 1μΩ ~ 3kΩ 
+Inductance :10nH~1H
-Signal Source: 
+Measurement current frequency:1kHz; 
+Open circuit voltage:<20mV;
+Test current:<10mA
+Six different ranges 30mΩ,300mΩ,3Ω,30Ω,300Ω,3KΩ;
+Auto and manual modes are available in each range
-Measuring speed: 2 meas/sec.,8 meas/sec.,25 meas/sec.
-Result display: Direct read,ABS, %, , sorting results
-Maximum display value: 
- Power supply
+Frequency: 47Hz~63Hz;
+Power: max 15VA
-Dimension & weight: 385mm(L)x249mm(W)x102mm(D);
-Weight: 3.5kg

CHT3561 battery meter is used to measure the internal resistance and voltage of batteries. The 3561 can be applied to simultaneously measure the internal resistance and voltage of batteries and comparison of battery internal resistance and open-circuit voltage.

Equipment with its standard features RS232C and hander interfaces, CHT3561 offers automatic measurement on batteries and check the battery deterioration fast and precisely. CHT3561 can be used for product sorting delivery inspection in battery production lines.
CHT3561 main functions are compatible with HIOKI 3560 and Agilent 4338B.It offers high measurement speed and good stability.



Measurement parameters


Basic accuracy

Resistance: 0.5%   Voltage: 0.1% 

Measurement range

Resistance:1μΩ ~ 3kΩ; Voltage:100μV~60V;Inductance :10nH~1H

Signal Source

Measurement current frequency:1kHz; Open circuit voltage:<20mV;Test current:<10mA


Six different ranges-30mΩ,300mΩ,3Ω,30Ω,300Ω,3KΩ;

Auto and manual modes are available in each range

Measuring speed

2 meas/sec., 8 meas/sec., 25 meas/sec.

Result display

Direct read,  ΔABS,Δ%,θ, sorting results

Maximum display value

Resistance:32,000(3 2/3 ); Voltage:6,000


Short-circuit reset for all ranges; REL function


30 sets of data records,NG-LO, GD-IN, NG-HI display and output. Beeper is adjustable.

Trigger mode

Internal/manual( optional external trigger)



Power supply

Voltage:198VAC~240VA; Frequency: 47Hz~63Hz;Power: max 15VA

Dimension & weight

385 mm (L)x249mm (W)x102mm (D);  Weight: 3.5kgg


CHT9350 kelvin test wire,CHT9800RS232C interface cable,


CHT9360 test probe


Test leads damage detection function, four-color VFD display, keypad lock and data hold function

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