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Hopetech CHT3541X 多路电阻测试仪高速多通道(0.01μΩ~300Ω,0.05%)

-Measurement parameters: DC resistance
-No. of Channel: Each card has 8 channels. 
-Accuracy: 0.05%
-Measurement range: 10μΩ~300KΩ
-Signal Source: current:<100 mA 
-Measuring speed: 3 meas/sec., 10 meas/sec., 30 meas/sec. 
-Maximum display value: 30000
-Calibration: Short-circuit reset for all ranges
-Comparator: the comparator can be set separately in each channel
-Trigger mode: auto trigger/internal/remote trigger
-Interface: RS-232C(including SCPIT command),handler (Optional PLC interface)
-Power supply:
+Frequency: 47Hz~400Hz;
+Power: max 15VA
-Dimension : 263 mm (L)x249mm (W)x102mm (D)
-Weight: 2.5kg

The CHT3541X is a band new design multi-channel resistance meter with high precision, wide measurement range and compact plug-in card design. The customer can configure a capture card or alarm card according to the different meets. Each test card can scan and test 8 channels resistance. The CHT3541X adopts high performance ARM micro processor control design. 48 channels of resistance can be indicated simultaneously in the true-color 4.3 inches LCD display and each channel can set the comparator separately.

The CHT3541X provides resistance range of 10μΩ~300KΩ,giving a maximum display value of 30000 counts. Its temperature compensation function can adapt different testing requirements. The RS232C and HANDLER interfaces can be used to output GD/NG signal, to improve automatic measurement ability on production line.



Measurement parameters

DC resistance

No. of Channel

Each card has 8 channels.

Measurement range


Signal Source

current:<100 mA



Measuring speed

3 meas/sec., 10 meas/sec., 30 meas/sec.

Result display

available of two fonts display;
up to 48-channel display simultaneous

Maximum display value



Short-circuit reset for all ranges


the comparator can be set separately in each channel

Trigger mode

auto trigger/internal/remote trigger


RS-232C(including SCPIT command),handler (Optional PLC interface)

Trigger and alarm signal

Optional alarm card
40 sets of sorting signal can be triggered and output

Test terminal

Four-terminal(including 2 detecting-ends and 2 driver-end )

Power supply

Voltage:90VAC~250VAC; Frequency: 47Hz~400Hz;Power: max 15VA

Dimension & weight

263 mm (L)x249mm (W)x102mm (D);  Weight: 2.5kg


CHT9340 kelvin test wire
CHT9800 RS232C interface cable


LCD display
available upper resistance limit value and lower resistant limit value

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