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Hopetech CHT 3554 Handheld Battery Tester (0~ 3.3Ω, 0.5%)

Measurement items : ESR, DCV
Basic accuracy : Resistance: 0.5%  Voltage: 0.02% 
Measurement range:  Resistance:0~ 3.3Ω(10 ranges)  Temperature: -10.0°C to 99.9°C
Measurement method : DC four-terminal measurement method, Resistance Open-circuit voltage: maximum 5V,Temperature Platinum temperature sensor (voltage output method)
Test current : DC 500nA~1A
Signal source : AC 1kHz, Test current: <150mA
Range : Resistance: 3mΩ/30mΩ/300mΩ/3Ω  Voltage: 6V/60V
Sampling rate : 1 meas/sec (the average number optional)
Minimum resolution:  Resistance: 0.1μΩ  Voltage: 0.1mV
Maximum reading : Resistance: 33,000  Voltage:60,000
Temperature :Range:-10°C ~60°C Accuracy:1°C
Correction : Short-circuit reset for all ranges
Comparator : 200 set  WARNING/FAIL/PASS  sorting
Internal data storage : Store up to 2400 test data
Trigger : Internal/auto trigger
Interface     : USB, external
Power supply : 12V/1700mAh lithium battery, AA (LR6) Alkaline Batteries x 8
Maximum rated power: 2.5VA
Input impedance: 32kΩ
Dimensions: 208 mm (L) x120mm (W) x 52mm (D),without sleeve
Weight: 0.81kg



Repeated recharging of a secondary battery can lead to battery deterioration and increase its internal resistance. Problems can intensify when there is a short-circuit in the internal cell leading to voltage drop, overheating and complete battery malfunction. Worst of all, these problems can cause life-threatening fires and other accidents.

Using the large current and anti-interference design, CHT3554A battery tester provides fast, complete and accurate diagnosis in internal resistance and voltage for backup UPS batteries and lead-acid batteries.

Without stopping the instrument, CHT3554A can carry out online measurement and rapid diagnosis of deterioration of the batteries, much increasing the test efficiency. The built-in automatic data storage function can store up to 2400 sets of data.

Powered of Lithium battery and dry battery, CHT3554A can still work in the harsh field and air transport limited areas to facilitate the use of dry-cell battery.

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