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Censtar D8 全自动PCB数控钻床

1.Working area: 320×320mm

2.Number of processing surfaces: double-sided / single-sided

3.X, Y axis travel: 330mm

4.Z-axis travel: 38mm

5.Drive mode: X, Y, Z axis stepper motor

6.Spindle tool change control: pneumatic tool change

7.Spindle speed: 0-80000rpm

8.Maximum moving speed: 7.2m/min


Drilling, engraving, edge cutting and slot milling of circuit boards,this machine adopts high-speed pneumatic tool changing spindle, visual function, super software compatibility, and multiple limit protection. It is a rare good helper for large R&D institutions, colleges and universities and research institutes. 


1. High-speed pneumatic automatic tool changing spindle motor.

2. High resolution laser detection system.

3. Fool-style operating software, easy to learn and easy to use.

4. Automatic tool change system: The equipment adopts a high-speed spindle for pneumatic tool change, a high-resolution laser detection prop system, and an integrated multiple tool magazine.

5. Visual calibration origin: ensure that the origin of the machine is at the same position after each power-on reset, accurate to 0.01mm; to ensure the reliability of the knife.

6. Automatic origin positioning: It can automatically return to the set zero point from any position. The positioning is more accurate and the visual error is eliminated.

7. Continue to engrave at a breakpoint: You can start engraving from any percentage, or finish engraving to any percentage.

8. Continued engraving after power failure: automatically memorize the processing progress. After the power failure is restored, it can automatically return to the original advanced level to continue processing.

9. Simulation operation: According to the set parameters, simulate the operation of the processing process.

10. Real-time display of the processing path: real-time display of the current position during processing.

11. Inner area and outer area selection engraving: You can choose the inner and outer areas arbitrarily for local engraving.

12. Intelligent engraving: Engraving by combining two different specifications of tools will not affect the engraving accuracy, but also can effectively shorten the engraving time.

13. Intelligent drilling: For holes larger than 0.8mm, use intelligent drilling to form at one time.

14. Automatic tool selection: The software automatically selects the most suitable tool parameters, effectively reducing the technical requirements for personnel operations.

15. Continuously variable speed pneumatic tool changer spindle, seven-speed adjustable speed change.

16. With its own lighting function, it is convenient to observe the entire circuit board engraving process.

17. Strong software compatibility, compatible with all design circuit diagram software on the market.

18. The software can engrave corresponding concave and convex fonts when the engraving software is installed.

19. X, Y, Z multiple limit protection, self-stop over limit, safer

20. Metal dust-proof mute safety cover with see-through window and pneumatic struts to effectively prevent dust and noise.

21. Equipped with vacuuming equipment to effectively reduce the harm of dust to the body

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