THORLABS YDFA100P Ytterbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (Polarization Maintaining)

Amplifier Specifications

Operating Wavelength Range: 1025 - 1075 nm

Output Power (@ 3 dBm Input Power)(a): 19 dBm (Min) 20 dBm (Typical)

Small Signal Gain (@ -20 dBm Input Power)(a): >22 dB

Noise Figure (a): <8 dB

Output Power Stability (@ 3 dBm Input Power): <±2% Over 24 Hours(After 15 Minute Warm-Up, for Ambient Temperature ±2°C)

Total Absolute Dispersion within Amplifier: <0.2 ps/nm

Laser Class: 3B

Fiber Specifications

Output Polarization: Linear Aligned to Slow Axis

Polarization Extinction Ratio: >20 dB

Polarization-Dependent Gain: N/A

Return Loss at Input Port:  > 50 dB

Input / Output Isolation: >20 dB

Input / Output Fiber Type: PM980-XP

Input / Output Fiber Connectors: FC/APC Compatible, 2.0 mm Narrow Key

(a) Please refer to the manual for the variation of each parameter over a range of wavelengths and input powers.



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