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PHYWE MOL-19-V500 Giant Molecular Model Set (Organic chemistry)

- Function and Applications:

This molecular model set for demonstration in the basic version is perfect for introducing fundamental concepts at the early stages of learning organic chemistry. A primer set that permits construction of many simple and complex organic compounds that are key to the understanding of this field of study. With our specially designed receptors you will be able to quickly change between skeleton structures during the course of your class. All atom centers are 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter and finished in durable enamel paint adherent to excepted international color standards.

- Equipment and Technical Data:

32 Atomic centers:

  • 8 Carbon (Black) Tetrahedral

  • 1 Nitrogen (Blue) Tetrahedral

  • 3 Oxygen (Red) Divalent

  • 17 Hydrogen (White) Monovalent

  • 1 Iodine (Orange) Monovalent

  • 1 Chlorine (Green) Monovalent

  • 1 Bromine (Brown) Monovalent

66 Connectors:

  • 17 yellow bonds 16 cm

  • 17 yellow bonds 5.5 cm

  • 8 black bonds 9 cm

  • 8 black bonds 23 cm

  • 8 flexbonds 10 cm

  • 8 flexbonds 24 cm


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