WMT CNC TK6411C 铣镗床

Workbench size (length×width): 1350×1000mm

Maximum load-bearing capacity of worktable: 5000kg

Worktable T-slot size (quantity~width×spacing): 7~22×125mm

Transverse travel of worktable (X axis): 1600mm

Vertical travel of headstock (Y axis): 1200mm

Longitudinal travel of sliding seat (Z axis): 1200mm

Axial stroke of boring shaft (W axis): 550mm

Distance from spindle center line to worktable: 0~1200mm

Boring shaft diameter: φ130mm

Maximum tool weight: 25Kg

Rated torque of boring shaft: 1500Nm

Spindle motor power: 15/18.5 KW

Inner hole taper of boring shaft: MAS 403(45°) BT50

Speed of Boring Shaft: 12~1500rpm

Rapid traverse speed: X/Y/Z axis: 10 m/min

Rapid traverse speed: W axis: 5m/min

Feed rate: X/Y/Z/W axis: 5~2000 mm/min

Positioning accuracy X/Y/Z axis: 0.030 mm

Positioning accuracy W axis: 0.025 mm

Repeat positioning accuracy X/Y/Z axis: 0.020 mm

Repeat positioning accuracy W axis: 0.016mm

Ball screw size (X/Y/Z): Ф63×10 mm

Ball screw size (W): Ф50×10 mm

Machine weight: About 18000kg

CNC controller: FANUC OI MF plus

Total electrical capacity: 65KVA

Machine size (L×W×H): 7100×6600×3600 mm

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