WMT CNC CW6280B 大功率铣床 (11kW)

Swing over bed: 800mm

Swing over toolpost: 480mm

Workpiece length: 1000/1500/3000/4000/5000mm

Swing in gap/width: 1000/310mm

Spindle bore: 105mm  D11; 130mm  D11

Spindle front taper: 120mm  MT5

Spindle speed and range: 18 kinds 7.5~1000rpm

Cross feed step and range: 64 kinds 0.05~24.3mm/r

Range 1:1: 0.1~1.52

Range 16:1: 1.6~24.3

Change gears micro feed range: 0.05~0.912mm/r

Leadscrew pitch: 12(metric) 1/2(inch)

Metric thread: 50 kinds 1-240mm (other type thread 14 kinds)

Inch thread: 50 kinds 1-240 TPI (other type thread 14 kinds)

Module thread: 53 kinds 0.5-120mm

Pitch thread: 24 kinds 28-1DP

Lower toolpost travel: 500mm

Upper toolpost travel: 200mm

Tailstock travel: 250mm

Tailstock taper : MT6

Bedway width and hardness: 550 RC50

Main motor: 11kW

Rapid motor: 1.1kW

Coolant pump motor: 90W

Loading weight: 2000/3000kg

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