WaveNode WN-2d 瓦特计

Frequency Range: Thruline sensor selection from 100 kHz- 1.3 GHz. (See Thruline sensor selection for complete details).


Control box two sensor inputs (minidin 6 pin).

Sensor SO-239 or N-type connectors (specify when ordering).

USB type connector for PC interface.

SWR Protection Relay with N/O and N/C contacts

Computer Requirements:

PC running Microsoft OS XP, 7, 8, or 10.

USB port.

Standard System Includes:

Wattmeter Control/Display unit.

One RF sensor (specify when ordering)

CDROM (software and USB driver)

Wall transformer (120 ar 220/240 operation)

USB cable with ferrite cores

Standalone Display: Peak, Average power and SWR

Measurement Accuracy: +/- 5%

Power Requirements: 11-16 VDC @ 350 ma. (With included power supply or from station +12 VDC supply)

Main features

SWR Protection Relay (user selectable ports and levels)

Software modulation Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer.

Tone generator, four analog inputs, four digital inputs and four digital outputs

Simultaneous/synchronous detection of forward and reflected power and SWR on all four sensors.

Voice and Tone announcing of power and SWR for visually impaired operation.


Display Unit: 147 mm wide X 100 mm deep X 62mm high

Sensors: 102mm long X 39mm deep X 86mm high.


RT1/2 Yaesu Rotator Controller

Sensor RFView port for external monitoring



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