TQCSheen LU8500 数显光强计 (400Klux/40kFc)

Display: 3-3/4 digit 3-3/4 digit LCD with high speed 41 segment bar graph

MAX measurement: 400Klux/40kFc

Over range display: LCD with “OL” symbol

Spectral response: CIE photopic

Spectral accuracy: CIE Vλ function f1’ smaller than or equal to 6%

Cosine response f2’ smaller than or equal to 2%

Accuracy: ±5% rdg ± 10d. (>10,000 Lux);

                 ±10% rdg ±10d. (> 10,000 Lux)

Repeatability: ±3%

Sampling rate: 1.5 times of analog bar-graph indication;

                        1.5 times of digital display

Photo detector: One silicon photo diode and spectral response filter 

Scope of supply: Carrying case with ready to use digital meter, instruction manual and battery



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