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Suneast H510 Automatic Screen Printer

- Basic Parameters

Screen Frame Size:  650(X)×550(Y)—737(X)×737(Y)(mm); Thickness:20-40mm

Min PCB(mm):   50(X)×50(Y) (mm)

Max PCB(mm):          510(X)×510(Y) (mm)

Thickness:        0.2mm~6mm(Use jig when pcb less than 0.4mm)

Curve:        <1%(Diagonal measurement)

PCB Backside Part Height:     18mm

Conveyor Height:        900±40mm

Support:        Magnetic support, Magnetic piece, Vacuum chamber

Clamp:         Side clamp and top clamp

Edge Distance:   PCB process edge ≥2.5mm

Conveyor Speed:        0~1500mm/s,increment 1mm

Conveyor Belt:        U type sync belt

Stopper method:        Air Cylinder

Stopper position:        Set the PCB stopper position according to the size of board

Flow direction:      Set by software

- Print System

Print Speed:        5-200mm/s adjustable

Print Head:    Servo motor drive scraper lifting

Scraper:        Steel scraper,rubber scraper(option)

Scraper Angle:        60°

Scraper Pressure:        0~20kg

- Vision System

Substrate Separation:        Three-section Substrate Separation  speed:0.1-20mm/s distance:0-20mm

Alignment Position method:        Mark automatic alignment

Camera:        Germany BASLER,1/3” CCD,640*480pixel,pixel size:5.6μmx5.6μm

Acquire image method:        Up/under double photo

Camera Light:        Coaxial light,Ring light four kinds light can adjustable

View Range:        9mm*7mm

Mark dimensions:        Diameter or Side length 1mm~2mm,allowable offset 10%

Mark Shape:        Cir,Rec, or rhombus etc

Mark Position:        PCB dedicated mark or PCB pad

2D detection:     /

- Accuracy

Table Adjustment Range:   X=±10mm,Y=±10mm, θ=±2°

Positional Accuracy:        ±0.01mm

Printing Accuracy:           ±0.015mm

- Time

Cycle Time:          <7.5s (ex print, cleaning time)

Convert line Time:        <5min

Programming Time:        <10min

- Control System

Computer Configuration:        Industrial PC,Windows official system

System Language:        Chinese、English

Pre and next machine :Connection        SMEMA

User authorization:        User PW and Senior PW set

- Cleaning System:

Cleaning System:              Dry and Wet(standard),vacuum model(option)

Liquid Level Detection:        Liquid level auto alarm detection

- Power Parameters

Main Power Supply:        AC 220V±10% 50/60HZ  Single phase

Total Power:        Approx.3kw

Main Air Supply:        4.5~6kgf/cm2

Machine Weight:        Approx.1300Kg

Machine Dimension:          1350(L)x1625(W)x1535(H)mm

- Option

Pneumatic Top Clamp:          Standard

Top clamp + side clamp:        For PCB (thickness ≤1mm)

Vacuum Adsorption and unloadding:        For PCB (thickness ≤1mm) and FPC

Auto tin added:        /

Auto Loading and Unloading:        /

Flexible and Universal Suppor:        For the double-sided PCB(PCB backside parts Height ≤ 9mm)

Automatic Positioning of screen frame:          Standard

PCB Thickness Auto Adjustment Function:        /

Squeegee Pressure Feedback Function:        /

Air conditioner:        Customer can buy by themselves

The rest of Solder Paste on the stencil  Monitoring System:        /

SPI close loop        

UPS power off protection:        UPS 15min power off protection

Industry 4.0:        Bar code trace function,production analysis etc



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