SALUKI LSG022 模拟信号发生器 (100 kHz ~ 22 GHz)

Frequency Range: 100 kHz to 22 GHz

Frequency Resolution: 0.1Hz

Frequency Switching Speed: 10ms (CW mode)

Internal Reference Output: 10MHz, ≥ +4dBm ( nominal into 50Ω load)

External Reference Output: 10MHz, Sine

Sweep Mode: Step sweep, List sweep

Dwell Time: 1ms to 100ms

Trigger Mode: Free run, External, Timer, Bus (USB)

Output Power Range: -65dBm to +15dBm

Output Power Resolution: 0.5dB

SSB Phase Noise (CW Mode): -104dBc/Hz @ 10kHz, 10GHz

Harmonic (CW Mode):

100kHz – 300MHz: ≤ -30dBc

300MHz – 6GHz: ≤ -35dBc

6GHz – 15GHz: ≤ -45dBc

15GHz – 20GHz: ≤ -55dBc

Analog Modulation: FM, Pulse, Narrow pulse, Internal pulse generator

RF Output Connector: SMA (female)

Remote Programming Interface: USB 2.0

Power Supply: 12 VDC, maximum 15 watts

Dimension: 159(W) × 37(H) × 190(D) mm 

Weight: ≤ 800g



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