PHYWE 13673-93 High Voltage Power Supply (10 kV DC, 2 mA)

Function and Applications

For electrostatic experiments and for operation of spectral and gas discharge tubes.

Equipment and Technical Data

It supplies 3 continuously variable DC voltages isolated from earth and ground.

Two of the voltages are connected in series 0-5 kV DC = total of 0 -10 kV DC.

Selectable positive and negative polarity.

3-figure LED display.

Outputs short-circuit proof.

Special safety sockets.

Modern plastic housing, impact resistant, easy to service, light stackable with retractable carrying handle and stand.

Internal resistance: approx. 5 MOhm.

Ripple: < 6 %.

Supply voltage: 230 V.

Short circuit current: max. 2 mA.

Housing dimensions (mm): 230 x 236 x 168.

Recommended accessories:

- Connecting cord, 30 kV, 500 mm- 07366-00

- Connecting cord, 30 kV, 1000 mm- 07367-00




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