PHYWE 05755-00 leXsolar Ready-to-go 水电燃料电池试验设备套

- Function and Applications:

A significant percentage of power from renewable energies originates from hydropower. To familiarize students with this important topic, this experimenting kit offers both introductory experiments on hydroenergy in general as well as fundamental quantitative experiments on the physics of water turbines. Different types of turbines are used: from a simple water wheel to a modern, highly efficient Pelton turbine.

- Benefits:

  • Ideal for imparting in-depth knowledge at schools and for basic lab courses at technical colleges und universities

  • An important topic of renewable energy: hydroenergy

  • Fast assembly thanks to the plug-in system

  • Observation of the functionality of the electrical generator during the operation

  • Three different types of turbines

  • Fundamentals of fluid dynamics

  • Complete set, requires no additional accessories

  • Can be used everywhere since all components are provided in a transport case

- Equipment and Technical Data:

  • In the transport case (dimensions: 64 x 37 x 17 cm) all items to perform the following experiments are provided so that no additional accessories are needed:

  • Volume flow, flow velocity and power as a function of the height of fall

  • Volume flow, flow velocity and power as a function of the pipe cross-section

  • Comparison of the functionality of pelton turbine, crossflow turbine and waterwheel

  • Comparison of the performance of the pelton turbine, crossflow turbine and waterwheel as a function of volume flow and pressure

- The set includes:

  • Water turbine casing

  • Turbines set

  • Manometers 2 bars and 4 bars

  • Induction generator

  • AV-module for measuring current and voltage

  • Modules with light bulb, LED, buzzer, motor, resistor

  • Water quantity counter

- Additional accessories:

  • Experiment guides for students and instructors/teachers on CD-ROM



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