NI USB-4431 Sound and Vibration Device (USB 2.0, 4-Channel, 102.4 kS/s, BNC (qty 5))

Bus Connector: USB 2.0

Maximum Number of Differential Analog Input Channels: 4

Maximum Sample Rate: 102.4 kS/s

Analog Input Coupling: AC/DC

Number of Analog Output Channels: 1

Highpass Filter Cut-Off Frequency: 0.8 Hz

Front Connection Type: BNC (qty 5)


Provides dynamic signal generation and acquisition in sound and vibration applications for computer-based systems.

The Sound and Vibration Device helps you work in applications like audio test and measurement; noise and vibration diagnostics; machine condition monitoring; automotive test, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis; and laboratory research. Some models provide options for software-configurable AC/DC coupling, antialiasing filters, and IEPE conditioning to ensure precision measurements with microphones, accelerometers, and other transducers with large dynamic ranges.The Sound and Vibration Device includes the NI-DAQmx driver and configuration utility that simplify configuration and measurements. NI-DAQmx supports NI programming environments as well as Python, ANSI C, C#.NET, and MathWorks MATLAB® software.


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