NI PXI-5105 PXI Oscilloscope (60 MS/s, 8 Channel, 512 MB, ±15 V)

Bus Connector: PXI Hybrid

Oscilloscope Maximum Bandwidth: 60 MHz

Maximum Sample Rate: 60 MS/s

Number of Voltage Input Channels: 8

Analog Input Resolution: 12 bits

Oscilloscope Onboard Memory Size: 512 MB

Analog Input Impedance: 50 Ohm 1 MOhm

Analog Input Voltage Range: -15 V to 15 V

CableSense™: No



Acquires and analyzes time- and frequency‐domain analog signals as part of a PXI system.

PXI Oscilloscopes are flexible, software‐defined instruments that are versatile enough for both time‐ and frequency‐domain measurements and deliver the benefits of the PXI platform. They feature up to eight channels that can sample at speeds up to 12.5 GS/s with 5 GHz of analog bandwidth. Using the PXI platform, you can synchronize multiple oscilloscopes with other instruments at picosecond‐level accuracy for high‐channel‐count and mixed‐signal applications. These instruments also feature numerous triggering modes, deep onboard memory, and a driver software API that includes data streaming and analysis functions.


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