NI FD-11637 Strain/Bridge Input Device for FieldDAQ (8-channel, ±38 mV/V, 102.4 kSamples/s)

Specifications are typical and valid from -40 °C to +85 °C unless otherwise noted.

Number of channels: 8 analog input channels

Isolation: Galvanic isolation between channels and to chassis

Input range: ±38 mV/V

Bridge completion

Half and Full: Internal

Quarter: Internal, 120 Ω and 350 Ω

ADC resolution: 24 bits

Type of ADC: Delta-Sigma (with analog prefiltering)

Sample mode: Simultaneous

TEDS support: IEEE 1451.4 TEDS Class 2

Timebases (fM)

Frequency: 13.1072 MHz, 12.8 MHz, 12.288 MHz, 10.24 MHz

Accuracy: ±30 ppm maximum

Sampled data rate range (fs)

Minimum: 500 Samples/s

Maximum: 102.4 kSamples/s

Sampled data rates (fs ): Refer to the following table for sample data rates supported for each timebase 


Measures bridge-based sensors, such as strain gages and load cells, in rugged environments. FieldDAQ™ devices are dust- and water-resistant and offer TSN technology for simplified distribution.

The Strain/Bridge Input Device for FieldDAQ measures up to eight channels and has built-in bridge completion and voltage excitation to support for quarter-, half-, and full-bridge sensors. The module also features anti-alias filtering, offset nulling, and shunt calibration to reduce the effect of noise and improve measurement accuracy. Additionally, the module incorporates time sensitive networking (TSN), which provides tight synchronization over a distributed network of data acquisition nodes without additional cabling or complex programming. The device features an integrated network switch and built-in power circuitry for simple daisy chaining.The Strain/Bridge Input Device for FieldDAQ Device includes the NI-DAQmx driver and configuration utility that simplify configuration and measurements. NI-DAQmx supports NI programming environments as well as Python, ANSI C, C#.NET, and MathWorks MATLAB® software.


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