LUTRON FR-5120 水果硬度计

* Fruit Penetrometer, Fruit Sclerometer.
* The tester is used to measure the hardness of most kind fruits such as apple, pear, strawberry,
 grape, large/hard fruits, small/soft fruits. It is suitable for the fruit scientific research department, 
 fruit company, fruit farm, agriculture colleges and universities to improve the fruit quality, the
 harvest storage, the product the fruits' hardness. The useful tester to judge
 fruit's mature degree.
* Max. capacity : 20 Kgf x 0.01 Kgf (10 gf).
* Unit : Kg/LB/Newton.
* Use load cell sensor, high precision.
* Digital display with Peak hold function, easy measurement.
* Tension or Compression, Zero.
* Positive/ Reverse display.
* 4 digits LCD with back light.
* Tip size : 3 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 11 mm.
* RS-232/USB computer interface.
* Complete set with hard carrying case and 4 kind tips (3 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 11 mm).
* Test stand, FS-1001, optional.
* USB cable (USB-01) and the data acquisition software (SW-U801-WIN, SW-E802) are optional.

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