KDS KDS801-1200 干块校准器 (300℃~1200℃; 39mm, 1.2℃)

Temperature range: 300℃~1200℃

Heating rate: 30~1200:75min

Display accuracy: ≤±1.2℃

Insertion depth: 135mm

Average heat block diameter: 39mm

Temperature field stability: ≤±0.2℃

Horizontal temperature field: ≤±0.25℃

Vertical temperature field: The deviation in the range of 50mm calculated from the bottom of the hole of the soaking block is 1 degree

Temperature unit: ℃ or ℉

Temp Accuracy: 0.1% or 0.2%

Display resolution: 0.01℃ or 0.1℃

Maximum power: Negative temperature type: 500W, medium temperature type: 800W, high temperature type: 3000W

Weight(Net weight): Negative temperature type: 13kg, medium temperature type: 11kg, high temperature type: 11kg

Weight (Containing packaging): Negative temperature type: 23kg, medium temperature type: 18kg, high temperature type:20kg  Packaging includes aluminium box and transport wooden box

Outline size: Negative temperature type and high temperature type: 310*190*340mm, medium temperature type: 250*150*310mm

Use environment: Ambient temperature 0-50℃, relative humidity less than 95% (no condensation)

Power supply: 220VAC ± 10%, 45 ~ 60Hz, optional 110VAC ± 10%.



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