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HIOKI ST5680 DC Hipot Tester

DC Hipot test

Output voltage: DC 0.010 kV to 8.000 kV (1 V resolution)

Load regulation: ±1% or less

Output setting accuracy: ± (1.2% of setting + 20 V)

Output current/cutoff current: Max. 100 mA

Current accuracy:

> 3.00 mA: ±(1.5% rdg. + 2 μA)

≤ 3.00 mA: ±1.5% rdg.

Maximum resolution: 0.001 μA

Test time: 0.1 s to 999 s, continuous (timer off)

Voltage ramp up / ramp down time: 0.1 s to 300 s / 0.1 s to 300 s, off

Short-circuit current: 200 mA or less

Test modes: W to IR, IR to W, program test

Insulation resistance test

Output voltage: 10 V DC to 2000 V (1 V resolution)

Output setting accuracy: ± (1.2% of setting + 2 V)

Resistance value display range: 10.00 kΩ to 200.0 GΩ (0.01 kΩ resolution)

Accuracy guarantee range: 10.00 kΩ to 99.99 GΩ

Resistance accuracy: ±(1.5% rdg. + 3 dgt.) See "Insulation resistance measurement accuracy" table for details

Test time: 0.1 s to 999 s, continuous (timer off)

Voltage rise/fall time: 0.1 s to 300 s / 0.1 s to 300 s, off

Breakdown voltage test

Test method: Continuous voltage rise test, stepped voltage rise test

Measurement: Insulation breakdown voltage (kV), insulation breakdown strength (kV/mm)

Settings: Start voltage, end voltage, rise speed, arc detection, electrode distance, upper limit current

Waveform display functionality

Waveform display: Voltage, current, insulation resistance

Sampling rate: 500 kS/s

Resolution: 256 K words

Arc discharge detection

Detection method: Monitoring of fluctuations in the test voltage

Settings: Test voltage variability 1% to 50%

Contact check functionality

Detection method: Capacitance measurement method

Settings: Threshold (capacitance) setting 1.0 nF to 100.0 nF

Memory functionality

- Saving of waveforms/graphs:

Save to USB memory

Save formats: BMP, PNG, CSV

- Panel memory function:

Saves test condition settings internally in the instrument

DC withstand voltage testing/insulation resistance testing: Up to 64 sets of settings each

Program testing: Up to 30 programs (max. 50 steps)

Insulation breakdown voltage testing: Up to 10 sets of settings

- Data memory function

Saves measured values in the instrument’s internal memory (up to 32,000 values)

Judgment functionality (Judgment output)

PASS judgment, FAIL judgment (UPPER FAIL, LOWER FAIL)

UPPER_FAIL : Measured value > upper limit value

PASS : Upper limit value ≥ measured value ≥ lower limit value

LOWER_FAIL : Measured value < lower limit value

Basic specifications

Operating temperature and humidity range: 0°C to 40°C, 80% RH or less (non-condensing)

Standard compliance Safety: IEC 61010; EMC: IEC 61326

Power supply: 100 to 240 V AC

Power consumption: Approx. 180 VA*

Maximum rated power: 800 VA

Interface: Communications: USB, LAN, EXT I/O; Options: RS-232C (Z3001), GP-IB (Z3000); Memory: USB drive

External dimensions: 305 mm (12.01 in) W × 142 mm (5.59 in) H × 430 mm (16.93 in) D (excluding protruding parts)

Weight: 10.0 kg (352.74 oz) ±0.2 kg (7.05 oz)

Accessories: Power cord, CD-ROM (PDF: User Manual, Communications Manual), EXT I/O male connector, EXT I/O connector cover, EXT I/O interlock cancellation jig, Startup Guide



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