HCTEST HC-7110 交流耐压测试器 (5KVAC; 6KVDC)

Input Voltage AC: AC, 47~63Hz, 220V, ±10%

Output Rating: AC:5KV, 12mA

Output Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz ±0.1% (User selectable)

Output Waveform: Sine Wave, THD: < 2% at 300Vrms or higher voltage (Resistive Load), Crest Factor = 1.3~1.5

AC Current, mA (Max. Min.):

+ Range: 0.01~12mA

+ Resolution: 0.01mA/Step; Accuracy: ±2% Setting + 2Counts)

DC Output Rating: DC:6kV, 5mA

Output Ripple: <5%  6kV/5mA  At Resistive load

AC/DC Setting: 

+ AC 5KV; DC 6KV

+ Accuracy: ±(2% setting+5V)

Voltage ratio:±(1% Setting+5V) No load to full load

Ramp Up Time, second: Range: 0.1~999.9s, 0.1s/Step

Test time: Range: 0.1~999.9s, 0.1s/Step 0= Continuous

Arc Detection: The range is from 1~9 ( 9 is the most sensitive)  0=off

Voltmeter/ Ammeter

+ Range: 0~5/6KV, 0~12/5mA

+ Resolution: 0.01kV/Step; 0.001mA/Step

+ Accuracy:±(2% of reading +2Count)

Power: 110V/220V; Input±10%

Temp.: -10~35°C

Humidity: RH≤75%

Power consumption: Max 100W

Weight: ≈9kg

Size: 180*290*390mm



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