GYS GYSPOT ARCPULL 700 弧拉焊机 (400V, 3ph, 50-680A, gun 3m)

This drawn-arc welding unit, the GYSPOT ARCPULL, is capable of welding all types of studs and stud supports up to Ø 13 mm (ceramic-shielded welding with or without gas shielding as well). Its secondary current regulation is well suited to the industrial sector to ensure that the arc remains perfectly stable. No more manual or approximate settings adjustments; the ARCPULL gun is the only one on the market that features linear motor technology.


- Drawn-arc welding has many advantages over capacitor discharge:

- The process is reliable and can be easily repeated.

- Perfect welding with excellent penetration.

- Gas shielding prevents contamination.


Its gun is the only one on the market equipped with a linear motor. This cutting-edge product boasts unparalleled advantages:

- Full control of the welding cycle.

- Rate of 30 studs per minute.

- The welding process is controlled via a digital control unit, which does not need to be adjusted.

- Controlled by the welding machine’s power source, it guarantees unrivalled arc-height accuracy.

- Fork with a ceramic support suitable for high-speed operations and for placing stud supports.

 Simple and fast


Its digital user-interface allows you to navigate between two welding modes in an intuitive and practical way:

- Synergic mode has predefined user settings for quick and efficient use.

- Expert mode offers complete control of the welding cycle.

- Its built-in memory can save up to 99 custom programs.


Input supply voltage: 400 V - 3 ph, 50/60 Hz

Current: 20 A

Welding currrent range: 50-680 A

Duty cycle (environment temp. 40°C):

    @ 60% - 

    @ 100% 680 A / 44 V

No-load voltagge: 80-95 v

Protection level: IP 23

Recommended generator: > 30 kW

Dimensions (L x w x h): 32 x 32 x 41 cm

Weight: 17.4 kg

Standard: IEC 60974-1/10 A

Cable length: 5 m

Cable length (Gun): 3 m

Weight (Gun): 3 kg

Included accessories: Gun, 3m + Box of consumables for ARCPULL 700 + Double earth clamp




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