Function: polishing the surface of brick floor, rock floor, Epoxy floor

Voltage: 4 x 6 V

Working widthc: 660mm

Diameter of polishing table: 660mm

Screed: 855mm

Noise level: <70db

Brush pressure:  32kg

Brush motor: 2x 400W

Water suction motor power: 400W 

Power assisted power: 400W

Suction force: 1300 mm/H2O

Cleaning speed: 3200 - 4300 m2 / h

Fresh water tank capacity : 80L

Dirty water tank capacity: 80/85L

Weight (Excluded accumulator): 142kg

Dimension : 1230 x 1210 x 630mm

Packing dimension: 1530 x 820 x 1400mm

- Accessories: 01 brush, 01 screed,  01charger, 04 accumulators

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