DGBell BTS2-80 热冲击试验箱(两区) (50 ~ 220 ℃)

Test Space W x H x D (mm): 400x500x400

External Dimension W x H x D (mm): 1320x2000x1520

Pre-cooling Zone Temp: -10~-75℃

Pre-heating Zone Temp: +50~+220℃

Pre-cooling Zone Cooling Rate: -10~-40℃<30mins; -10~-60℃<50mins; -10~-75℃<65mins

Pre-heating Zone Heating Rate: +50~150℃<30mins  +50~180℃<50mins  +50~220℃<60mins

Testing Zone Temp: B Type: 40~150℃; C Type:-55~150℃; D Type:-65~150℃

Temp. Recovery Time: ≤ 5 mins

Temp. Fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃

Temp. Deviation: ≤±2℃

Temp. Uniformity: ≤±2℃

Internal Material: 1.0mm thick SUS#304 high & low temperature resistance stainless steel.

External Material: Adopt flame retardant high strength PU Polyurethane foam insulation material.

Control Method: Touch screen programmable PLC, with USB interface, with RJ485 interface can be connected to computer controlling, special network control software, convenient remote monitoring, data acquisition.

Compressor: Tecumseh (France)-fully air-cooled double-fall cooling compressor. Or Bock / Bitzer (Germany) semi-enclosed air-cooled refrigeration.

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