DGBell BTHW-10M 大型环境温湿度试验箱 (-70 ~ 90 ℃, 20% RH-98%)

Test Space W x H x D (mm): 2500*2000*2000

External Dimension W x H x D (mm): 3850*2480*2300

Temperature Range: A:0~90℃, B:-20~90℃, C:-40~90℃, D: -70~90℃

Humidity Range: 20%RH-98%RH  Low humidity : Maximum 5%R.H.

Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.5℃

Temperature Deviation: ≤±2℃

Temperature Uniformity: ≤±2℃

Humidity Fluctuation: ≤±2.5%

Humidity Deviation: ≤+2/-3%R.H. (when humidity >75%RH), ≤±5RH% (when humidity <75%RH)

Heating Rate: Approx 1~ 3℃/mins,average non-linear ,no load

Cooling Rate: Approx 0.5~ 1℃/ mins,average non-linear ,no load

Temperature Overshoot: ≤±2℃

Internal Material: 1.0mm thick SUS#304 high &low temperature resistance stainless steel.

External Material: 1.2mm thickness High temperature spray powder coated galvanized plate

Compressor: Tecumseh (France)-fully air-cooled double-fall cooling compressor. Or Bock's (Germany) semi-enclosed air-cooled refrigeration.

Options: dry air purge system, humidifying water auto purification and supply system, new air ventilation system ,fire-proof, explosion-proof, and alarm system ,low temperature, low humidity, low temperature, high humidity test requirement, remote computer, mobile alarm function.

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