DGBell BTG-600 老化环境试验箱 (Rt-250 ℃, ≤ ± 0,5 ℃)

Test Space W x H x D (mm): 1000x1000x600

External Dimension W x H x D (mm): 1200x1450x1100

Temp. Range: Rt-250℃  (Optional for 500℃)

Temp. Fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃

Temp. Deviation: ≤±1.5℃

Temp. Uniformity: ≤±1℃


Display: TFT LCD

Input: Compatible for wet-dry bulbs PT100 (T/C, RTD, DCV)

Accuracy: 0.01% high precision sampling

System Capacity: 10 programs, 100 segments for each program

Operating Mode: Fixed value/ Programmable running mode

Output Method: PID+SSR/SCR automatic bidirectional synchronous output

Start pre-set: Equipment starting can be pre-set.

Communication Interface: compatible with protocols (RS485, Modbus, etc.)

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