DGBell BE-HS-10000L 海水浸泡试验装置 (1000KG,AC 380V, 7.0KW)

Water Tank Internal Dimension:W3500 X D2500 X H1200mm (can be customized)

Space Occupation: W6000 X D5000 X H5000mm

Single Crane:Cantilever Lifting, Rotatable, Multi-dimensional Lifting

Travelling Crane:Traveling crane can move up/down and move forward/backward. It is easy to install the test object.

Lifting belt:For immobilizing the test object when lifting

Water Tank Material:PP plate(Insulation and corrosion resistance) Or directly digging a pool on the ground, concrete casting structure, and paste bright colored tiles.

Max Load:1000KG (can be customized)

Equipment Weight:Approx 3.5 Tons

Power Supply:AC 380V, 7.0KW

Other requirements:Automatic filling and draining water system.*Brine mixing system.

On-line monitoring of brine concentration, manual addition of salt, automatic detection of concentration.

PLC touch screen control + Computer remote control system.

The video monitoring system, Lighting system..



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