DGBell BE-8401 热失控试验机 (3KW, AC 220V 50Hz)

Trigger Mode:Overcharging and heating (Optional)

Heating Mode Channel:2 channel(1 in common used, 1 for spare)

Max. Heating Power:3KW, Single channel

Power Adjust Mode:Changed the heating tube with different capacity +  Adjust the input current.

Power Supply:AC 220V 50Hz

Max. Overcharging Voltage:10V and 100V

Voltage Acquisition Channel:2 channel (Customizable)

Temp. Acquisition Channel:4 channel (Customizable)

Control Mode:PLC+PC control (PC and main chamber integrated)

Control Host Overall Dimension:W700 X D650 X H1360mm

Explosion-proof Chamber Dimension:W2000xD3000xH2000mm (Optional)

Total Weight:1000KG

Power Supply:AC 220V , 7.0KW



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