Opsytec Dr.Grobel BSM-03 UV curing chamber (2200 W)

Interior chamber: 60 x 40 x 25 cm

Dimensions: 77 x 62 x 80 cm

Weight: ~ 80 kg

Power consumption

2200 W (irradiation)

850 W (stand-by)

Mains: 230 VAC, 10 A

Power factor: 0,9

Operation temperature: 15 to 30 °C

Humidity: < 80%, non condensing

Lamp lifetime: 1.000 h to 3.000 h, typical

Number of lamps: 1 piece

Sample temperature: 45 °C +/- 10 °C

Spectra ranges: 1 Standard, 2-4 optional

Irradiance: up to 150 mW/cm²

Available lamps: HG, Fe, Ga

Shutter control: Pneumatic, 4-6 bar

Cooling: 1 x DN 100


BSH-02, cable, manual, UVC lamps (ozone free, if not specified)




The BSM-03 UV curing chamber with an output of 2 kW is best suited for large-area UV curing, hardening, and bonding. The internal shutter is controlled by the UV-MAT for an accurate dose so that reproducible exposure is achieved even with medium-pressure lamps. With irradiance of 150 mW/cm², the required dose is typically achieved within several seconds.

The UV curing chamber can be opened for loading and unloading while the lamp is on. The shutter is monitored and closed with a safety circuit so that no UV radiation is emitted outside the chamber. The sliding sample support also facilitates loading and unloading. It withstands all loads up to 20 kg. With 60 x 40 cm at the base and a height of 25 cm, the irradiation room offers plenty of space. The sample chamber temperature is about 45°C in operation. Due to the high uniformity of the irradiation, the samples may be positioned in any order.

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