Opsytec Dr.Grobel BSH-02 High-power UVC chamber (1000W)

Interior chamber: 46 x 32 x 25 cm

Dimensions: 55,5 x 40 x 43 cm

Weight: ~ 32 kg

Power consumption: 1000 W

Lamp lifetime: up to 8.000 h

Number of lamps: 5

Lamp type: UVC amalgam, ozone free

Lamp power: 150 W each

Sample temperature: 45 °C +/- 5°C

Spectra ranges: 1

Irradiance UVC: 85 mW/cm²


BSH-02, cable, manual, UVC lamps (ozone free, if not specified)




The irradiation chamber BSH-02 is a high-powered UVC chamber with superior irradiance of 85 mW/cm². Like all BS irradiation chambers, the BSH-02 offers time- or dose-controlled irradiation of samples with UV light. The chamber is fully equipped with ozone-free UVC amalgam lamps with a total lamp power of 750 W. Compared to our standard BS series, the BSH-02 offers irradiance that is 750% higher. Thus, the irradiance is high enough for high-energy applications or UV curing.

The BSH-02 has compact outer dimensions and the interior irradiation chamber has a base area of 46 x 32 cm and a height of 25 cm. The sample chamber operating temperature is about 45°C so that thermal damage to the specimen is minimized. Due to the high uniformity of the irradiation, the samples may be positioned in any order.

The irradiation control UV-MAT can control two spectral ranges separately and achieves a constant dose independent of lamp aging, contamination or temperature. The dose is measured with calibrated sensors. For this purpose, the sensor already contains an extremely precise analog-digital converter and a temperature sensor. The integrated diffuser ensures the required cosine correction. Excellent long-term stability is achieved through the use of appropriate materials. The sensors are calibrated with traceability to PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt, the German national test authority); after being calibrated, they are supplied with a factory calibration certificate. The memory in the sensor contains all sensor identifications and the calibration history.

The UV-MAT can optionally be controlled by a PC. This allows multi-stage irradiation and documentation of the irradiation.

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