MADE TRIPHASOR 전기 네트워크 위상 테스트 장비 (230 V/400 V)


TRIPHASOR is an instrument for optimizing the operation of electrical distribution networks. 

It measure the electric grid characteristics in real time, and enable the identification of each phase on a phased network. 

TRIPHASOR is used on live low tension networks, under load.


Triphasor consists of a transmitter and a receiver, both can be used on a live LV electric network. 

The transmitter must be connected in a substation using the voltage LV cords and the current Rogowski clamps. 

The receiver allows phase identifying wherever it is connected between phase and neutral, anywhere on the live network.

TRIPHASOR measures :

- Voltages, currents, cos φ in the substation

- Voltages, currents, cos φ at the measurement location on the network

- Voltage drops, unbalancing rates between phases, and current percentage in each phase


 230 V/400 V ~

– IP 22


- Accu NiCd 1,1 Ah

– IP 65


– 540 x 390 x 240 mm

– 10,65 kg

– Measurement accuracy :

Rms voltage : 1 %

Rms current : 2 %

Power factor : 5 %

– De -20°C to +70°C, 90 % relative humidity without condensation



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