MADE DRN5 저전압 테스트 장비 (IP22 – IK07)


DRN5 is a load accessory for low-voltage network under voltage, aimed at helping operators in their  research, localization and fixing of broken neutral.

DRN5 is in the form of an unbalanced load three-phase suitcase 5 kW, secured electrically and thermally.

It can be used on any access point of the low-voltage network under voltage, after disconnection of subscribers, and it allows to quickly highlight the existence of a broken neutral or not.

DRN5 is also used to check after repairing, right before the reconnection of the subscribers.


DRN5 connects easily to any access point of the low-voltage network under voltage via its crocodile grips and charges each phase following unbalanced values. The case does automatically the measure of the 3 voltages, which algebraic sum allows to quickly detect a broken neutral if this value is not null.

- Delayed load cycle, automatic and secured

- Thermal protections in case of overheating

- Electrical protections via differential circuit breaker and fuses

- Connection to the ground not necessary, class 2

- Detection light of broken neutral

- Switch for the selection and visualization of measured voltages

- Possibility to connect an echometer for the localization of the defect


- 230/400 VAC

- 474 x 415 x 214 mm

- 10 kg

- IP22 – IK07

- Consumption : 5 kVA

- Technology with resistors



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