MADE CF200 MV Fuse Tester (2,5Ω~5mΩ)


The MADE fuse tester performs a measurement of the fuse resistance. 

This measurement is based on the 4 wire measurement method with automatic compensation of the temperature effect on the result.

The fuse tester consists of a rigid case, including :

- An operating panel

- Two measuring clamps

- A self-test system

- A temperature sensor

The fuse test is performed in 4 steps :

- Power on (with automatic self-test)

- Connection of the 2 measuring clamps to the fuse

- Selection of the fuse type from a selection menu

- Measurement of the fuse resistance and immediate display of the result

The type of fuse to be tested is selected from the on-board data base holding the following parameters :

- Voltage

- Amperage

- Trade Mark

- Identifier

The database is generated using a management PC software which can be updated by the user and transferred to the tester via an USB connection.

Ranges: 2,5Ω~5mΩ

Accuracy: 0.1 mΩ

Tolerance: 12,5 % (i. e. detection of 1 cut wire out of 8)

Maximum number of fuses in memory (database): Up to 3000

Test current: 200 mA

Weight: 2,6 kg

Dimensions: 304 x 270 x 144 mm

Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C

Power supply: 2x9 V battery 6LR61 type (alcaline or lithium)

Maximum number of measurements without changing the batteries: 2200 measurements

Standard: IEC-1010-1, CAT I 3V

Sealing: IP66 closed, IP52 open

Mechanical protection: IK07 closed, IKI03 open



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