ZEAL ZM3ΦSIK6 Three Phase Secondary Injection Kit (0~300V L-N; 0~6A/phase)

Input: 220 Volt AC, 50Hz

Output voltage range: 0 to 300V (L-N) or 0 to 520 Phase to Phase

Output current range: 0 to 6A per phase

Mode: 3 Phase, 4 Wire

Output ports: Vr, Vy, Vb - N, Ir (Hi, Lo), Iy (Hi, Lo), Ib (Hi, Lo)

PF range: 0.5 to Unity

Compliance: 20 VA, at FS on V ranges, Compliance : 30 VA, at FS on A channels

Frequency: 45 to 60 Hz

Metering: Digital AC Voltmeter, Digital AC Ammeter, Universal meter to indicate PF, W, VA, Var of each phase. Also average of all phases, WHr Programmable current display to accommodate any CT ratio.

Accuracy: class 0.15% (for V, A, W and Whr)

Sinusoidal outputs: THD 1.5%

Protections: Overload and Short circuit



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