Telide HSU-1400D Air-Driven Gas-Charging Bench (600 bar)

Pump model: S-86-JN-60 / 60;  double ended pump; pressurization ratio: 6 0 : 1

Operation type: manual

Driving type: air-driven

Weight: 323 lbs.

Medium: pure nitrogen gas

Max. output pressure: 400 bar

The higher for the pre-charge gas pressure, the bigger for the output flow of the pump is.

Driving gas source: max. driving gas source pressure for system : 1 M P a. Max. driving pressure for the pump: 6.9 bar;To ensure the pressurization speed, driving gas source supply should reach 2.5 m3/min or more.

High pressure gauge: Accuracy 1.0% FS. Measuring range:600 bar.



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