Telide HSN-1400 CO2 and N2 Gas Mixture Charging Unit (6.9bar, 420bar)

Components include air driven booster, high pressure needle valve, inflation gauge, safety valve, electronic scale, filter, pressure regulating valve, water cooling device, etc.

Mainly used for charging of CO2 and N2 gas mixture in aero cylinder. Pressurizing by air driven booster. With dual air connections, control air filling ratio by electronic scale.

With protector to release excess pressure. Water cooling device can cool the air and makes pressure raise quickly.

Max driving air pressure 6.9 bar. Max air output pressure approx. 420 bar.

Other options: other pressure ratios, pressure indicator with temperature correction function, gas cylinder placement and protective devices, etc.

Widely used for charging of N2, CO2 and N2 gas mixture in container like aero cylinder, energy accumulator. Sealing test of components. Portable and mobile gas charging benches available.

Dimensions(L×W×H): 32×28×59 inch. Weight:272 lbs.



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