Telide HPB-1100-034P4B034 Air Driven Gas Booster Power Unit (6.9bar, 235bar)

Components include P4B booster, filter, pressure regulating valve, shut-off valve, unloading valve, pressure gauge, air hose, inflatable quick female connector, etc.

Standard plate type power unit with dual head booster. Compact and easy to control.

Nitrogen gas spring charging specific unit. Mounted with a 3m long charging hose. Outlet of hose has a shut-off valve, unloading valve. Quick female connector which is connected with nitrogen gas spring can control nitrogen gas charging precisely.

Max. Driving air pressure 6.9 bar, max. Output air pressure 235 bar.

Other options: HPB-1100-P4B034 (single head booster, 235 bar), high pressure regulating valve, high pressure overflow valve, portable box.

Dimensions(L×W×H): 25×10×12 inch. 

Weight:40 lbs..



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