METRUS TESON III The Benchmark In Online Safety Valve Testing

Power Supply: Dual Voltage 115/230V @ 50-60 Hz

Force generation: Hydraulic power pack - software controlled.

Data link: RS232

Signal inputs: Force, Lift, Line pressure, AUX (e.g. Ultrasound)

Accuracy: Force 0,02%, Lift 0,2 %, Line pressure 0,25%, TESON electronic 0,02%

Standard test rig: Light alloy - with ready to use bridge units - tool free set up

Standard pulling forces: 5kN and 20 kN with ready to use bridges

Weight of 10 kN set up: 4 kg

Min req. head space: 25 cm (for 5kN and 20 kN test rig)

Available rig cables: 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 100 meter


50kN Test rig

100kN Test rig


EEx equipment - TESON TSB

Various pressure sensors sets

Custom solutions for extraordinary low or high forces




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