METRUS SV 20/400 Test Bench For Safety Valves (20 tons, 15~400mm)

Clamping range: DN15-DN400 ½''-16'', max. test pressure: 600~14bar/8700~200PSI

Clamping force: 20 tons

Way of clamping: Manual fast clamping system with load compensation, maintenance free

Test fluid: Gas/air (external supply)

Pressure piping: PN 600 bar stainless steel

Stainless steel control panel

Bubble counter + rubber plugs up to DN100

Gauge quick connection for tool free change of gauges (2x)

METRUS Precision valves


     Water testing up to 600 bar / 8700 PSI

     Gauge turret for 4 + 1 gauges

     METRUS Free CRS - free of charge computer registration system

     Closed water circulation

     Media seperation

     Bladder accumulator

     Safety doors

     Other options on request



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