METRUS CSV 10/150 UW Under Water Test Bench For Control And Shut Off Valves (10 tons, 15~150mm)

Clamping range: DN15-DN150 ½''- 6''

Clamping force: 10 tons

Way of clamping: automatic sealing heads

Stainless steel clamping table

Safe 2 hand operation

Shell test with air up to 40 bar / 580 PSI

Seat leakage test with air up to 40 bar / 580 PSI

Bidirectional seat leakage test

Bubble counter on each side

Stainless steel control panel

Anodized, chemical resistant front panel

Stainless steel water tank

Integrated water tank lights

Gauge quick connection for tool free change of gauges (2x)

METRUS Precision valves


Gauge turret for 4+1 gauges

Safety pressure limitation system

CRS - Computer Registration System with panel PC

Digital bubble counter



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