METRUS BV 150/800 Test Bench for Butterfly Valves (150tons, 250~800mm)

Clamping force: 150 tons

Clamping range: DN250-DN800 10″-32″

Hydraulic clamping

Shell test with water up 100 bar

Seat leakage test with air up to 6 bar

Stainless steel control cabinet

Anodized, acid proof front panel

Visual seat inspection

Closed water circuit

Stainless steel tubing PN600

Gauge quick connection

Bubble counter (DIN/EN, ASME and API)

Adapted high pressure pump

METRUS precision valve technology


External testing adaptor

Bidirectional testing

High pressure air/gas inlet

Pneumatic sequential control

Air lock free filling

Gauge turret

Software Free CRS

CRS – Computer Registration System

Panel PC on swivel arm

Safety pressure limitation

Overload protection

ESD – Emergency Shut Down



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