KOPPACE KP-ICX41 Metallurgical Microscope (50X-500X)

Magnification: 50X, 100X, 200X, 500X

Optical system: Infinity chromatic aberration correction optical system

Eyepiece:  PL10X22mm

Objective lens: Infinity long working distance plan field bright and dark field metallographic objectives (5X-DIC, 10X-DIC, 20X-DIC, 50X)

Observation tube: Three-eye viewing tube, 45° tilt, hinge group can be 360° rotation, fixed eyepiece tube,pupil distance adjustment range of 50-75mm, two-stage spectral ratio:binocular: trinocular = 100:0 or 0:100

Converter: five holes

Focusing mechanism: Reflection light and dark field metallographic frame, using low hand position coaxial coarse fine adjustment, coarse adjustment stroke 9mm, the focus facing up 6.5mm, down 2.5mm, fine adjustment precision 0.002mm, with an elastic adjustment handwheel to prevent sliding

Operating platform: 

Platform size: 240(W)×250(L)

Moving range: 50mm×50mm

Lighting system: 12V100W halogen light box (reserved center), light source brightness continuously adjustable, with light source brightness indicator bar, with infrared induction function; Adopt external wide voltage transformer, input 100-240v, output 12V5A

Condenser: Abbe condenser, numerical aperture N.A.1.25, up and down adjustable 

Polarization device: Deviating mirror insert plate, 360° rotary deviating mirror insert plate

Trinocular interface: 0.5X camera tube, c-type interface, adjustable focus


Eyepiece PL10X22mm one pair

Objective lens 5X *1

Objective lens 10X *1

Objective lens 20X *1

Objective lens 50X *1

Microscopic body *1

Trinocular head *1

Power cord *1



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