Jinuosh XM-XQUV002 UV紫外線加速耐候性テストボックス (RT~70℃, ≥90%RH)

Temperature range: RT+10℃~70℃

Humidity range: ≥90%RH

Temperature uniformity: 1℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

The center distance of the lamp tube: 70mm

The distance between the center of the test product and the lamp: 50 ± 3mm

Irradiance: adjustable within 1.0W/m2

The cycle of light, condensation and spray test is adjustable

Lamp tube: L=1200/40W, 8pcs (LVA/UVB service life above 1600)

Controller; color touch screen South Korea (TEM1880) or RKC intelligent controller

Temperature control method: PID self-tuning SSR control

Standard test piece size: 75×290mm (special specifications need to be stated in the contract)

Sink depth: 25mm automatic control

Effective irradiation area: 900×210mm

Ultraviolet wavelength: UVA range is 315-400nm; UVB range is 280-315nm

Test time: 0~999H (adjustable)

Irradiation panel temperature: 50℃~70℃

Standard sample rack: 24 pairs

The unit has automatic spray function



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