Jinuosh L-PTB002 リングブランクホルダー圧力試験機 (200kg)

Measuring range: optional within 200kg

Unit switch: N, kN, KGF, GF, LBF

Degree of decomposition: 1/10000

Error code: ±1%

Indication denaturation: ≤1%

Test speed: 12.5±2.5mm/min(or adjustable speed according to customer requirements)

Parallelism of upper and lower pressing plates: <0.05mm

Pressure plate size: 100*100mm(can be customized according to customer requirements)

Spacing of upper and lower pressure plates: 100mm

Volume (approx.) : 350*400*850mm

Power supply: 1∮, 220V 1.5A (according to national standard or specified)

Weight (about) : 45kg

Room temperature: 20℃±10℃;

Power supply: AC220V±22V, 50Hz

Standard configuration: vertical press fixture one pay

Optional: Parallel sampler/ring sampler/ring clamp/flat clamp/adhesive strength clamp



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